A Good Service on All Other Lines: Edinburgh Preview

24th July 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
A Good Service on All Other Lines: Edinburgh Preview


Once again we are performing our story and song show.

But this time it’s our final London warm-up before taking it to the Edinburgh fringe for a 17-day run (the link for that is here: https://c.tickets.red61.com/performances.php?eventId=34:2896)

So basically this invite is a 2-for-1.

First up: the preview.

It’s going to be at The Harrison near King’s Cross. AND THERE WILL BE BONUS FUN!!!

It will be FREE but (of course there’s a “but”) we will do a collection afterwards to help bankroll Edinburgh.

The show is a song and story show filled with silly love stories and melancholy folk pop.

And the bonus fun is essentially David doing some new material and Matt doing some extra music (some Sincere Deceivers classics, maybe some covers) to finish the evening off.


Doors are at 7 for a 7:30 start.

Secondly: Did we mention we’re going to Edinburgh? Because we are. Here’s that link again: https://c.tickets.red61.com/performances.php?eventId=34:2896

BUY TICKETS AND COME VISIT US. Otherwise there’s a real risk we perform to an empty room.

Finally a massive thank you to all of you who’ve already come to see the show already, or multiple times. Your support has been invaluable to us and it means a lot.


David and Matt