The Acoustic Folk Highway

17th September 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
The Acoustic Folk Highway

The Acoustic Folk Highway returns to The Harrison’s theatre-style basement venue on Sunday 17th September with a stellar line up of original artists, singer/songwriters and instrumentalists.


Philip John –

Bournemouth based singer-songwriter Philip John, has been playing the live circuit, building a steady and loyal following. Having influences ranging from Jeff Buckley to Nick Drake; Soundgarden to The Police, his music is full of energy, sincerity, and power.

He’s a lifelong musician, and has gigged all around the country, and recorded in some top studios with countless artists, bands, and producers over the years. However he was predominantly playing the backbone role ofthe bass guitarist in these endeavours, whilst quietly working on his own music on the side. But now with this body of work, he steps out into the singer-songwriter role pursuing his own music.

His very first solo show was in support of legendary Inme frontman, Dave McPherson, who spoke of Philip afterwards; “(Philip’s) voice is gold and should definitely play more acoustic shows”. Since then he has been regularly playing live around the UK’s South, playing clubs, radio shows, and festivals alike. With many more performances to come, 2017 is turning out to be Philip’s busiest year yet.


“Philip is a natural-born performer from the moment he stepped onto the stage. (He has) an impressive vocal range and a very husky campfire voice. (He) gave a stellar performance” – Expllora.

“Philip’s skilful guitar work and passionately delivered tunes really hit the mark” – Rock Regeneration.

Bity Booker –

Bity Booker is a folk singer. She sings traditional folk tunes, songs from the 60s folk revival and her original compositions. Bity performs with classical guitar, voice, a bird-shaped whistle and bells. She grew up in the Italian countryside in an house with many animals and lives her troubadour life between Australia, Italy and United Kingdom. Be prepared to delve deep into Bity Booker’s musical world and listen to fantastic stories about a mouse, a sparrow, stars, trees, birds. Each song is a character with a timeless personality and melody. Bity is based in London.

Ed Black –

Over the last few years whilst working closely with signed artists Ady Suleiman (Sony) and Tayá (Atlantic), Ed Black has been quietly crafting his own sound. On his undoubtedly personal ‘Come Down’ EP Black seamlessly blends the folk tendencies of Ben Howard with the ethereal textures of Bon Iver, each track telling its own unique story.

Born in Chester and a graduate of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Ed Black is currently residing in London where, over the past year and a half, he has been honing in on his own musical voice with producer and long-time collaborator Chris Pawlusek. Without a doubt the ‘Come Down’ EP captures that voice perfectly – the feeling of loss and vulnerability in the lyrics reflected in the dark, reverb-drenched, production. Though you may hear Ed Black’s recognisable playing on many other records, this EP is where you will find him in his most honest form: just a voice, a piano and a guitar.

Velvet Engine –

Velvet Engine, the brainchild of Latina Northamptonian San-D Godoy, “Yearning Pop Folk, with a sprightly but reflective soul”.

Counting Laura Marling, Neil Young, & Daughter amongst her many influences, we can expect great things from this new breed of heart-warming folk music & Velvet Engine will be sure to drive it in the right direction with her catalogue of honest yet timid & catchy songs.

“a record filled with romance and heartache alike. Crystalline vocals, mellow guitars and glittering glockenspiels feature throughout from the innocence of Another Colour and Two Winters In A Row to Like A Scar’s rootsy sorrow – two great live performers captured on record. The EP rarely lacks: each song different enough to retain its grip without shooting itself in the foot by becoming too bland. This is really quite lovely…” – Bedge Music

Consort of 1 –

Medieval and Renaissance music as it would have been if they’d had looping stations back in the day. Historical tunes played on historical instruments.

Melodies from the 12th-17th centuries performed on fiddles, bagpipes, shawms, percussion, recorders, pipe & tabor, curtal and chalumeau. By combining sounds of the past with some 21st century technology new light is thrown onto ancient music, peeling back, then building up the layers of anything from Medieval dances to Playford divisions.

Danny Leigh –

Monthly host and organiser of The Acoustic Folk Highway since 17th August 2014, Danny Leigh is a folk singer/songwriter frequently likened to artists such as: Nick Drake and John Martyn. He’s released two six track EPs and two singles to date, his song ‘No More Running’ was featured on the 30:30 Complilation CD (Roundhouse Records) and two of his recordings were featured in BBC Introducing: The South.

This year Danny completed a successful Irish Tour with dates in Dublin, Westport, Roscommon, Kenmare and Sligo, accompanied by fellow musicians Violet Orlandi & Rich Austin.

“I have to mention Nick Drake, he has a beautiful voice, he can clearly write some good songs.” Steve Hillier, BBC Introducing: The South.

“I think that’s just the most hypnotizing voice I’ve heard all evening. That’s what the text book definition of ‘Folk Voice’ should be.” Nick Coquet, BBC Introducing: The South.

Tickets cost £7 on the door.

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