Gigaholics @ The Harrison Bar

3rd December 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Gigaholics @ The Harrison Bar

A friendly evening of music hosted by Kath Tait and  featuring:

SISTER MERCEDES:   Catchy, original Rock and Roll songs with attitude as
demonstrated on the new album “Six Songs”.  Sister Mercedes is the solo
project of Darren Van Asten who played guitar and sang in Junkbox and
the MoonShakers and toured with the Libertines and the Primal Scream.
Most songs are played at solo gigs, just voice, guitar and stomping
foot.  Or with the full electric Sister Mercedes band with John Devolle
and DominicPett.

VOSS MALONE:   Great vocal harmonies and  magical sounds  from Alryck
and Chris who also play a range of really unusual instruments  including
the 5 string litungu, harmonium, santoor, waterphone, omnichord and 6
string litungu. They will undoubtedly be plugging their brilliant new
album “Outrageous Creation”.

DAVE RUSSELL:  Original Punk- Folk songs with manic guitar work and
lyrics that satirise the intellectual. A long standing and well loved
member of the the London acoustic underground, he is one of the seven
wonders. Kath Tait will join him for a selection of “Love Songs, Ancient
and Modern”.

Free / Donation