Tigmus presents: Ben Duff, Tapemonkey and Margate Book Club

21st April 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Tigmus presents: Ben Duff, Tapemonkey and Margate Book Club

Tigmus is happy to present Ben Duff, Tapemonkey (Daniel Woods) and Margate Book Club at the Harrison!!

Ben Duff has estimated he has 1000+ short video clips of song ideas.
He writes all the time.
The best bits of these have ended up as a set of songs influenced by Low,
The Beatles, Bela Fleck, Robert Schumann, Rush, The Beach Boys, Slayer,
Boards of Canada, Bach, Metallica, Zakir Hussain, Neil Young, Kraftwerk, The
Strokes, Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares and Pop.
Ben has played loads of gigs, huge and tiny. He prefers tiny.
2018 sees Ben’s return to the stage after years of procrastination.

Tapemonkey is the name given to the solo output of Daniel Woods who has been writing music under
this name on and off for 13 years. Alongside this project Daniel has been involved in several bands;
Bringoutgrandad, Vague Arrows and currently The Yellow Kings, playing lots of gigs and writing loads
of songs.
Tapemonkey’s music is approached from a Lo-Fi perspective and is influenced by a wide range of
artists and bands from many genres, like 60’s pop, Psychedelia, Grunge and Indie. The overall effect
hopefully being an intense, idiosyncratic, immersive wall of sound.

Margate Book Club started when a human being from Glasgow met another
of his species from Buenos Aires in a bar in Madrid, Spain.
It’s a long story.
But it’s easy to become a member…
To join you need at least one of the following:
– an interest in books (fiction most helpful);
– a love of music (stuff that hits you in the solar plexus);
– an ability to stand upright on a raised platform in front of an assembled
audience (no drinking before the show).
Margate Book Club is based in Margate, Kent but has regular meetings in
London and Madrid too. The meetings usually take place in a music studio or
a pub. MBC have just finished writing, recording and mastering their first ever
collection of songs. Some of this was done at Abbey Road Studios in London
– which is nice!

Tickets £4 adv HERE