Zero Wave #19

21st February 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Zero Wave #19

Of course, there have to be two event pages for this because facebook is the worst thing on earth, but anyway…

Zero Wave returns to the Harrison with another night of experimental and exploratory music.

The line-up this time features…

DEEMER – Merijn Royaards and Dee Byrne are an electro-acoustic two-piece orchestra whose aural narratives are created within fluid frameworks that map a trajectory in time, but leave the sonic textures and compositions entirely free and undetermined. Deemer employ, among other things, alto saxophone, analogue electronics, synths, drum machines, filters, effects and TV monitors, to instantly compose, activate space, and blur the boundaries between free jazz and sound installation.

MARK KNOOP performs “Popular Contexts, Volume 2” by MATTHEW SHLOMOWITZ. – pianist and conductor Mark Knoop has commissioned and premièred countless new works and worked with many respected composers including Peter Ablinger, Joanna Bailie, Michael Finnissy, Bernhard Lang, Cassandra Miller, and Steven Kazuo Ta. Tonight, he will be performing “Popular Contexts, Volume 2”, one of a series of works incorporating familiar sounds from popular and everyday culture combined and transformed in strange ways in order to enhance perceptions of the familiar and draw attention to sounds that we usually ignore or don’t take seriously. The piece is composed by Adelaide-born composer Matthew Shlomowitz, professor in Composition at the University of Southampton and director of Plus-Minus Ensemble.

TOM RICHARDS – Artist, Instrument Designer, Musician and DJ based in London UK, Tom Richards is currently in residence at Camden Arts Centre with the Mini- Oramics machine he built for his PhD at Goldsmiths College. Interviewed by The Wire in September 2016, he said, “I build complex systems that confuse me and then wrestle something musical out of them … so for example, where modular synth guys have colour-coded patch cables so they know where they are, I’ll have exclusively black ones so I can’t tell what’s going on.”

RAEPPEN – is the sami-influenced shamanic drone-singing be-cloaked alter-ego of wandering swamp blues man Timothy C. Holehouse. Not much is known of the Shaman but when the ritual is performed the Shaman will use hypnotic rhythms to develop a trance like state to be at one with the spirit world.

FAR RAINBOW – improvising duo of Bobby Barry and Emily Mary Barnett employing drums and junk electronics, electric toothbrushes, mousetraps, hairbrush, plastic bags, 50cycle hum and crackle. “brings to mind the free-spirited electronic kosmische musik that Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius may have created in their Cluster heyday if they had King Tubby rather than Conny Plank producing it.” – We Need No Swords.

Inspired by the practice of Corey Mwamba, this event costs one Sterling bank note to get in. Quoting from Corey’s website:

how it works
pay one Bank of England note of your choice for gig
enter gig and enjoy
Pay in advance on-line or on the night: however much you choose, you’ll be supporting creative music.

things to know
The money goes to the musicians playing.
If you don’t have a note we’ll accept coinage for a note value.
The best way to pay the minimum is to bring lots of people with you.
The best way to support the nights is to come!

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